Wednesday, July 12, 2017

First Public Presentation

Well, one more technology I have put my toe into.
Last night I did my first Power  Point presentation at the Scottsdale Artist League.  I had been a member of this great group of artists on and off for decades.  It was old home week.
The challenge was compressing my 3000 photos into some reasonable format (which personally I think I failed at, but that was actually NOT the idea) so I could give a taste of my month in the Park.
Three weeks of procuring the projector that would work with my computer and some food poisoning, a day long technology scavenger hunt for parts to interface and practice with the machinery for a good two days before, had resulted in a very well received presentation.
I brought the pieces, so far, from the residency and got the best review of all - nobody left in the middle!
Kip even helped out by shipping a stack of the Trip Planner newspaper and some brochures for me to pass along so people could follow a bit of what I was talking about.
In a group that is basically retirees, I lit a fire about getting their Senior Passes soon, so we may have a small flood of elderly getting the $10 pass before the price hike!
So I have a first round done.  Two other leagues are interested in having me speak and I know I can do it, so I can finally slow down and start planning art.
More to come.... always.

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