Thursday, April 20, 2017

Getting Real

I spent the day finalizing lists.
Today we needed to be sure meds were ordered and plentiful in case of emergencies.  Appointments that need done before I go are in line to get done.
Finally, we needed a micro chip and rabies shot.  No telling what sort of visitors may sneak in.
Thing here, is an indoor only kind of a guy, but since we are in the middle of nowhere, If lost, when found, I want him back!  So he was told NO HARNESS.
This is odd.  I tend to grab him by his handle when he is making trouble, but the vet fears he will rub the little "beacon" out if the harness hits it wrong.   So he is NUDE for a few days.
Here he recovers in his travel home, while I work in the office.  He is fine elsewhere in the house but in my studio, if I leave, paint water ends up on the floor and who KNOWS what damage he could do to an oil palette.   

Next to tuning up the poor sad travel machine and vision check for me before departure next week.
More to come.


  1. How great that you will be able to take him with you! He looks like a good companion! :)

  2. He actually travels pretty well! I don't know what sort of creepy crawlies come under the doors so I figure he will help fend off too much nature!