Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Less than a month

Although I hope this blog will be a visual journal, I find the month counting down is very nondescript.  I am trying to think ahead and shut things down at home. I have cancelled cable.
This is heart-stopping!
Cord cutting is not part of the requirements, but as I know there is no entertainment and I might have limited internet, I might as well see what my tiny laptop and phone data can do for me on the road.
(I will not be FULLY disconnected as I signed up for the online cable offer, so ..... I may be found in a Holbrook McDonalds loading missed episodes into my head over a burger)

I have had a lot of friends encourage me with my landscapes.
This is NOT my thing.
I am not thinking of clothes, as one might for a month on the road, rather whether to pack a lot of canvas or paper and how to keep it safe on the road and from my roommate (a cat who believes furniture keeps items from their natural home ON THE FLOOR)

...and whether I should do all water media, bring the pastels or/and oils?  This is like figuring how to put your house in your trunk!

Below is a sketch from my trip last year of the pronghorn in the park.

I hope there will be a LOT of visitors with feathers and fur to keep me busy, but I have to work hard to let the experiences to come, flow over me.
I am the sort who tends to push the river....

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