Saturday, June 3, 2017

Back to the Hell of the City

Not much pretty to post, but as it is only my second full day here, I have a couple of updates.

My computer only malfunctions at home.

On my short day back home mid-May, I must have spent a couple of hours frustratingly trying to get my desktop to not boot, run and turn itself off and on again after about 3-10 minutes.
I blew it with my hair dryer (hot off), I took a very soft brush and tried to find hidden dust bunnies.  The interior fan was known to literally stick.  I opened the side and gave it some help so I assumed old parts, dust and oncoming heat might be part of it.  I finally gave up.
When I got home on Thursday, I had no stamina.  I called ABC computer repair in Tempe.  They took it in and of course it ran like a TOP!  Two days and I asked them to replace the sticky fan ($15 and the $40 one obligatory hour fee seemed great!)  Data Drs. cost something like $200+ and it did the SAME thing and they replaced NOTHING.  I know it was hardware, they kept checking software.

Well, I got it home yesterday and it did it again.  3 times!  We all seem to think it must have something to do with the house, but I have never figured why everything else in the house works consistently but not the computer.... MONTHS at a time and then it hates me.

MY opinion was still monster dust bunnies.
And this time I think I saw one blow INTO the power source.
They say it is not reasonable to pull the power unit  apart to clean.  I do understand why, but I think the bunny is JAMMING, not burning out the fan.  Moving it to the shop would jostle it out and bringing it home, it may migrate back... ok, it is the stuff of dreams but....
So when it failed again, I called.  It was Friday and I could not tolerate one more day on the tiny computer.  As you can tell, my thoughts flow freely when the keyboard is willing!

At any solution was a small fan.  It was to keep it cool and circulating.  For some odd reason, after about 14 hours now, it is still working....

I hope to go into the blog and edit my typos, expand on things and possibly even add some better photos that I could not edit from the tiny laptop.

Both of us are NOT happy.
I have been doing paperwork and balancing budgets and such so it is depressing but, I believe I am nearly done. That means I should actually unpack the car and bring the cat's cage in.... I want to run off with him, but the trip ANYWHERE is so hot, I should stay home and regroup.

As far as the Park is concerned and my participation in the blog.. More to come!
As I am no longer a public commodity, as part of the park itself, I can swivel my thoughts to making a bit more money off of all this inspiration in my head .. and camera!

Route 66 Days in Holbrook has a table for PEFO and I am going to firm up my participation by Monday so Kip can plan on me!  I will be trying like mad to do a few more animals from the actual park and maybe some 66 sights... not sure how,. but it will be fun, and make more rock transfers.
I have a wealth of legal scrap rocks here.  There is a tiny cache I got on the road to Holbrook that will be labeled as such, but t is setting up the office, the digital editing programs, scanning finished art etc to get started for a bunch of goodies by next weekend.
I will update you on the donation to the park as well.
There is nothing very beautiful around here to photograph, so I will try to send progress shots as I go....

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