Thursday, June 1, 2017

First Day Home

Still no photos.  I had the hardest time cleaning and leaving. I HAD planned to go early and do one more drive south, but forgot to fill up the tank and I was running on fumes, so I had to go to the north entry and the gate had to be unlocked, as I was leaving the keys in the casita.
VERY long drive, but did get home before noon.
I think my body (and I must say the cat too.) is not doing well.  I have been feeling dizzy, and finally realized I might be able to bring it back up into the high 80's on the thermostat soon, but I am not handling it well.
Cat is under the bed and he does not want to talk to me...

I dropped the computer off to have it looked at by pros.  Last trip home, it would not stay on long enough to do anything. I believe it is dust bunnies.  Sitting in the dust, and the heat while I was gone, in spite of a try to blow it clean, I swear, IT IS POSSESSED.  I took  it about 2 and they called at 7 to say it was running like a top.  I cannot stand it. I just knew it was running on last legs....  The tiny laptop has wifi now.  The tv is wifi now and it has some getting used to.

I literally vegged.
I am depressed.  I have stuff to do and will get geared up for the weekend after next for Route 66 days and one more visit.

I guess tomorrow I will be HOPE to get in and tidy the blog up.

I will be fine.

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