Thursday, May 18, 2017

66.....Me and the Road.

The cat talked me into getting up to watch the sunrise.  Good idea.
After a night-time rain the sky was dark and shimmery and full of streaks and fog.  

We dinked around and I scrambled up some eggs, cleaned up and hit the road at opening.  Jorge said he saw HIS first snake a few days ago, but me? Still not much more than a ground squirrel that did not wait for me to get my camera.... so I go hit a different aspect of the park.  

I am on the road (literally in McD's in Gallup as I type) doing a senior coffee in honor of my birthday, on the road that has the same numbers!

Just going to snap away and see what I find....
You will note the obligatory keys on a rope, my new (traded the green monster shirt for a slightly smaller brighter one and a jacket for the chilly morning.  

It is a morning full of New Mexico skies.  They have dark flat bottoms and roll back like the bottom sides of sheep in the stratosphere.  I had to pull off a few times.

First stop was the Ortega shop.  you know it looked almost exactly like it did when I came by on car trips with the family!  I was told Gilbert and the whole Ortega clan was from the area.

 No gas in the pumps and an odd trio parked in the side lot...

JUST before New Mexico is the breathtaking cliffs.  With no cat as a copilot, I pulled off the road and found a modern hogan with about 6 tethered pups under the spectacular view!!!
Barely out of view, I pulled off to assess the booty of flakes of sandstone and possible rock art... and more photos.

A little later I made it into town and located my very favorite green chili place. Jerry's.
Of course I took no pictures....... oh no I did!!! CELL PHONE SNAP!  It was the tiniest little table I've ever sat at.

The Green Chili was recommended to me last year on the trip through.  It is microscopic and I decided to eat, instead of only to-go.  This is my enchilada with rice and beans smothered in the green chili!  I am amazed I am still awake.  I stuffed myself...soooo good!
I spent most of my time in Gallup taking pictures of rather said places, not the most exciting neon, lots of run-down stuff. But it was Route 66!

It was my trip home that was fun and games!

I got lost at one point which is par for the course, but I did manage to see a little Shepherd and her Grandpa no doubt as they brought the Sheep home with the aid of two cute little dogs with curly tails. 

And I managed to pull off and find the obligatory Chief Yellow Horse curio shop.

If you've ever traveled from Arizona to Gallup, you have seen the most beautiful Cliff face with the wackiest catchiest most bizarre curio shops at the bottom there are horses on the cliffs and cardboard animals and painted yellow horses and cement teepees... It is the ultimate Indian tourist shops. Almost got killed by a semi, but made my way in and all the way down the road to the second one which is Chief yellow horse. 

Apparently his son now runs the place,  His icons of 66 are a bit off, but in our family, Corvairs were ACTUALLY the means of transport so it is perfect!

Behind this bizarre little yard if you look carefully under the overhang you can see two little cliff dwelling remnants. If you know me you know it drove me crazy. I made friends with the owner. He said he might sell my rocks! This was an opportunity I definitely must mull over.

I came home and decided to get a dipped cone in the new creamery in the basement of PDI.  The dip stuff was not up to snuff, and Kip,  my boss decided to wish me a happy B-Day with a treat!  Got a Cookies and Cream cone.  Perfect topper to a 66 of a day!
Tiny note at the end: I am trying to post this between my phone and horrifying Wi-Fi. I do have a brief respite tomorrow where in I should have actual computer and actual Broadband. Look back and see if things changed, as I hope to edit a little.

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