Tuesday, May 30, 2017

One More Sunrise To Go...

This is not very entertaining to you all, but this is sort of the symbol of my stay. It's a long neck rope with Mesa Verde written on it. Kip says it was the first job he had with the parks. At the end are the two keys: one to the Casita, and one to the gates to get out or in after dark. It is in my door lock all the time or around my neck when I leave. It is very important they put the fear of God into you about this device. Most of the doors have automatic latches so once you are out there you are there. If I were to forget my keys and forget to unlock it in the middle of the night there's nobody here to help me. 
I am locked in.
 I love it that way... And all this ends when May does.

I have some demos all planned for today and started packing - what goes home dirty, what has to be washed before I leave, etcetera. I am going to see if I can make arrangements to depart at dawn's early crack on the 1st so that I may have a trip away from the Sun. It was awful going home, but much easier leaving very early and getting in mid-day.
I believe I heard Kip say that the new artist will be coming on an airplane around 1 that gives me the morning plus four hours drive from Phoenix... Unless it is Flagstaff... still, I can be home by the time she gets here if I did it right...so I would have time to put everything in order take one quick walk and be gone... But where to turn in keys.

Demoed at PDI in spite of myself.  I met a new ranger.  ACTUAL Ranger.  Cute as all get out.  Full of enthusiasm. I found she started as volunteer at 18. (I actually met her over the weekend as her parents were dropping her off) Things change greatly this week.  
It seems the"seasonals" and interns area all starting work. 
MANY activities on the agenda for June... waaa.  BUT I had such perfect weather, my kitty will never be the same.  I will wallow more tomorrow..

DRAT!  The month of June is way more action packed!  Look, I even spotted the horses coming back into the park for the Summer!

BUT if I have to go  out on a sunset, this was pretty spectacular:

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