Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Painted Late and Slept in

I actually tried to got to sleep when the cat jumped on the bed as if to tell me "lights out" at like 10!  Much later than my usual bed call.  Of course that did not last long.  BUT somehow, the day was just gray enough and I got to cut zzzz's until 7! (after locking him in...)
I had to get the PDI out of my system, so I worked way to long on this 5x7" mini, to show for my stay.  I finished it this morning... this is not the FINAL piece but good enough.

I am posting a bit prematurely today, as I did another hour long 20 minute drive to the south end of the park.  With excellent wifi, I just could not pass up a chance.

I have it in my head I MAY actually do a real live landscape.  The badlands call me but they are like a movie, that is not a single still shot.  You cannot do it justice without the addition of the taime and motion that being here adds!

I will update it when I decide whether or not to stop by tonight and check in up north.

I actually feel like I own it.  The Park is becoming my personal domain.  I am trying to memorize every mile of the 28 and a couple of loops.  When people keep telling me to go walk, I have managed over two weeks and am not NEARLY full of what I see pulling over at the designated stops!  Nothing but wonder.

I had another set of visitors last night.  Their conversation from the casita next door actually was what woke me.  I saw them load suitcases and talk on the phone. I swear, they did not look happy.  How could anyone not be so sad to leave a place like this!  Either tears of sadness or joy, but not just the usual pack and move on.... I have no idea how I will leave....

I could not resist, however, and got my first seriously tourist purchase.
It is a bit too big, but I got a PEFO long sleeved shirt.

Thingy was unimpressed...

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