Sunday, May 14, 2017

Demonstrating at the Painted Desert Inn

Cat and I have a rhythm.  Sun is about to come up, he digs me out of the covers.  I grab a hand full of food and throw it in his bowl in the bathroom and lock him in.  I got to sleep nicely until 5:30.

Had loaded all of the rocks in the car the night before and cleaned up and when out about 9.

It was a cute little display and it was SOOoooooOOOO windy!

The people who came in and braved the blow were (as always) great.

I showed how I put the laser print on the rock for the repros and just enjoyed the people.

Much chatting and I worked on a smallish... 4x4" painting of good old 43.

He is the ONLY bighorn I hear about in the park.  He was spotted earlier this year, but I have a shot from last year's journey.

Got the bulk of the bighorn to show.  Odd rock but turned out rather well if I say so myself.

Took down about 3:30.  Always an ordeal!  Got the car loaded between gusts and felt rather satisfied for the day.

With specific projects out of my head, I have a couple of ideas for the week... OR NOT and after I upload this at the PDVC,  I might start a few new projects.

But it has been kind of fun actually getting to bed early!  Not that I expect it with a whole day out of the house....


  1. Love the Bighorn!!! Did the rock come first or the Bighorn idea and then a search for the rock?

  2. I actually saw him last year. He was stopping traffic (yes, that is a great way to tell if something is interesting.) The best I can tell is he is a loner and there is not much talk about any others in the gang! He is it so far. I have seen 3 more pronghorns with the three from last year, I have a nice group of 6 individuals... now what to make with them!