Friday, May 19, 2017


Got up before dawn looking forward to working and editing on my own computer..... and it has decided it needs overhaul....  SO no computer.

I had new tv stuff ordered before I left and was able to play with it for a few minutes before I ran to get mail.... and some supplies.

The trip home was a small money making visit (just about covered gas) with an old client. Supplies had been sitting in the mailbox for a few days and I needed to come during working hours. Got acres of mail, and as it  began in May 1, I and found my recent cost cutting arrangement with the Broadband company was double what I was told!!! GRRR. My entire generation preceding me worked at "Ma Bell" and although CenturyLink has NO resemblance to it now, I gave up the land line, transferred my number to an internet service, got rid of cable, also for an internet service so this vestigial remainder, already wired into the house, was always good for a "loyalty" discount ... over an hour online with agent who did not actually understand the problem, more holds, a couple of hang ups and finally end where I started.

 NOTHING has gone right.

I was treated to a nice Red Robster late birthday feast by my beau, helped him with some business paperwork, and exhausted, did not sack out until MIDNIGHT.  A barely walking zombie!

I am scurrying back to the desert tomorrow.

What a gift to have 10 more days to recuperate!!
Heaven knows how I will handle it when I return.....

Sorry.... no pix.  No beauty down here in the gravel and concrete...

Cat was not even thrilled to be back...

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