Friday, May 5, 2017

Seriously, Getting Organized.

Woke up a little shaky but better than the day before.  I really was not able to BE HERE!  But I woke up to see the great view again and it got me going.

I had a project.  I decided it was out in the public time, so in spite of having a boatload of photos and design ideas, I took the 45- hour (I dawdle) drive to the Petrified Forest Museum to scout it out.  And I had heard there might be ice cream....

Okay, it was not as I expected.  A really nice Ortega concession and I spoke with April (probably wrong, as my new hobby is amnesia..) and am going to contact the Museum Assn to see if they like any of my more trinkety things for sale.  To my great disappointment, it was a cooler with bars in it.  I know if I were a family on the road, that would be plenty, but I was hoping for soda fountain etc...

At the end of the road is the museum.  This was cool.
They have great little exhibits explaining the paleontology and all the great petrified wood and the gang recognized me from the other end of the park!   We figured what and where the best set up would be and (as I mantra is "Never look like a dummy at a demo."  I took a lot of shots and decided, as much as plants are not any more cool than landscapes, I got a nice little grouping off a cholla and yucca and some stumps.   Voila:

I then headed down the road to see if I could spot the happy couple, as the PEFO FB page said there was a nesting family of ravens in the ONLY tree at the South Entrance.....
There was.  Nothing much to show... yet!

I actually went home energized! 
Tonight I will work on the design and sketch the composition so SATURDAY will be a full fledged demo.  The evening was even more excited, by the promise of WEATHER!!! I could not wait for the moving shadows of clouds on the scenery and possibility of rain to change the colors so dramatically.

Above is from when the clouds rolled in....  I thought you might want to see my neighbor across the road when the real clouds start at evening color:
And down the road, just a bit later...

I know, you all want to see the desert, but it changes second by second....
Plenty more of those to come too.


  1. Hey Uncle Deb, keep up the good work!


    PS: I think the subscribe thing is broken.

  2. I thought so too! If I get some in range time, I will try to research it
    Thanks for the message from civilization!

  3. Every family has its own way of relating! I am so sorry, I just can't figure out how the dog-blog worked and this one can't arrggh! Right now I am parked behind the park offices, jumping on the Archaeology feed, after Saturday hours. If I don't get home by 7, they lock a gate.... It is supposed to lock the the public out... but I THINK I am the only human (unless you get a primitive camping permit). Seriously alone! Pretty cool.