Saturday, May 13, 2017

Day 13

I am writing this in real time.  It actually IS he 13th.

One of the problems with my blog idea is when and where I can upload it, so I am sitting with day 12 in the mini computer waiting for me to go to wifi capability, but not always able to do it in the earlier parts of the day.

I put the cat in the bathroom at 4 and managed to sleep through to 7!  This is somewhat of a milestone.  I am sure it was the exhausting day in Holbrook, and I do not have a voice anymore.  Having become a hermit in town, has made this so very easy, but I blossom when I do get out among folks. But I get raspier and raspier.  I did stay up working pretty late and was happy at the progress on my portrait, but figured to get busy with some bird or small things to demo for the weekend in honor of Mother's Day.

I was advised to get out and do a walk in honor of Migratory Bird day.  Hallie who is such a great voice for the park and in charge of the daily notes on the Facebook page, met lowly me at 9 as publicized, in the Puerco parking lot and we went to a few semi forbidden places, accompanied by more wind than the birds needed to migrate around us.

I know I am allowed to avail of the rangers, and volunteers as long as I don't interfere with work, but I still have nothing but questions.  Each new discovery leads to more to look for.
Who would have thought that her love of wildflowers would have lead me back to the casita, after an attempted and non-productive nap, to go sit in the wind on my patio.  The temperature was perfect.  The grasses were dancing and all I saw was wildflowers.  I just walked around snapping these microscopic little things.
The sound of the wind is perfect now.  Tomorrow it may be more scary, but just for now, it is so soothing, I am happier NOT to be asleep, just listening.

What exactly is expected of an artist in residence?  The more I ask, the more happy I become.  I am such a night owl... besides if the cat watches me in the evening, he is less inclined to be bored and keep me up all night.  I do more painting in the casita, even though I did enjoy both jaunts into the public venues, I would rather talk and snap photos.  I will easily have over 2000 photos when I am done.  I do wonder if I could be a professional former Artist in Residence!  I know there is work for me but I have GOT to find an audience.  I get funky thinking about how to sell it, and that is when I stop THINKING.

My statement that AiR fall into two main categories.  The very rich with plenty of time on their hands to drop out for a month and the very poor who have NOTHING else to do for a month.  Guess where I am.  I am choosing to regroup.  Not probably the wisest but the healthiest.  I want to just have all this visual stimulus pour into me.  Painting can come later.
 I had originally thought this might be a two-part post. But the rest of the day kind of finished out the way the first of it went.
It was a great recuperation​ day. The cat even wondered why I was napping.
I prepped up for the next day at the Painted Desert Inn, with all my I rocks and reproductions and a little bit of everything.
I actually went to bed 8:30!

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